The secret owners of central banks are the slaveholders of nations.

People are subjected to taxation which at least in part goes to repay privately owned central banks for debt. Debt which is, for the most part, created with privately owned and controlled national currencies… that are generally created out of nowhere and backed by nothing.

To service the debt to the central bankers the labor of a nation’s citizens is pledged, and typically backed by direct taxation. This is one of the most insidious forms of slavery — with the majority of people not even realizing that they’ve been used as collateral and given as slaves to the central bankers. There is no choice or freedom to participate or not, everyone is just forced to always do at least some portion of their labor for the central bankers.

The central bankers have duped pretty much everyone into allowing them to extract a significant portion of the labor value of nations… and so it is this that makes them the enslavers of nations.