Everyone who works for their income is working class.

The working class is forced, coerced or tricked to either be working or be preparing to work for the majority of their life. A top-down narrative encourages the working class to believe work is good, necessary and an important part of lifeā€¦ and anyone who doesn’t work is lazy, or worse.

By contrast, the ruling class discourages its own members from working, except for in positions of advisement.

Most of the top one percent is not part of the ruling class and many are still part of the working class. In the US for example, there are only about 8000 members who are part of the small number of families who make up the ruling class. A small enough number that for the most part, the young people of marrying age all know each other, or who each other are.

In general members of the modern ruling class try to keep a low profile. The system, which is designed by them, protects their wealth. It’s the people from the working class who’ve recently become financially successful who are targeted for wealth redistribution.

The more visible newly rich are demonized and the public is sold on the idea of wealth redistribution which targets them, and not the massive amount of the more hidden wealth which is held by the ruling class. This helps to knock down anyone who’s made a fortune during their lifetime. Preventing the continuation of great enough generational wealth for one’s descendants to maybe have a chance of becoming part of the ruling class.

The redistribution of wealth mainly flows up, including to the unjustly privileged private individuals who own the central banks.

The owners of the central banks do not target the ruling class with their tax collecting national slavery systems. Taxation is meant for working-class slaves, including the working rich and newly rich. Because heavy taxation on the ruling class as a whole would jeopardize the monopoly the central bankers have on their privately owned and operated national currencies.