If you want to live longer; eat less, eat plant-based, eat mostly organic raw vegan, and exercise.

Reducing calorie intake slows the body’s metabolism and slows down aging.

A plant-based diet won’t plaque up the arteries and will help reverse the plaquing that has already occurred. It also provides more micronutrients and reduces the chance of getting many of the common life-shortening diseases.

With very few exceptions organic raw vegan is pretty much the healthiest possible diet for the vast majority of adults and children. It’s the next level up from a plant-based diet with cooked foods, which is already far healthier than what the majority of people are eating in most current societies. Organic raw vegan juicing is also extremely healthy. You should mainly juice vegetables and eat fruit whole though. A healthy organic raw vegan diet gives you the best chance of having a long healthy life. It’s best to begin this lifestyle while you’re young to slow the aging process down though, but it’s still can produce incredible results later in life.

All by itself, exercise has many mental, physical and emotional health benefits. The difference between no exercise at all and a little exercise is huge. Just walking 4 times a week for 30 minutes will typically add years of life. Doing any moderately aerobic exercise for as little as 20 minutes 3 times a week increases the number of calories the body burns even on the days with no exercise. Aerobic exercise also increases the number of small collateral blood vessels in the heart through a process called angiogenesis. Having these additional small vessels reduces the chance of dying during a heart attack. Because the affected heart muscle isn’t as completely dependent on the larger vessel which has become blocked. Besides heart disease, exercise significantly decreases the chance of getting and dying from many other prevalent diseases.

By combining less calorie consumption, a plant-based organic raw vegan diet and exercise, the results can be nearly miraculous. Even later in life, when changing to a healthy enough lifestyle… it’s not only possible to live longer, but it’s also possible to actually reverse your biological age.