If you want to maximize your physical performance… eat plant-based, exercise, and see a chiropractor. Pretty much anyone who wants to improve their body’s physical performance can do so with these three things.

For non-althetes exercise increases strength and stamina and is beneficial for overall physical performance.

Most athletes are exercising to some extent as part of their athletic activity. Often other types of exercises can be done to improve their athletic performance though. For example, golf doesn’t require a lot of strength or endurance, and playing golf doesn’t increase either as much as other exercises or activities can. A golfer can do other types of exercises through which will increase their strength and endurance. This will increase their physical performance and in most cases improve their golf game.

Many athletes who have plateaued and believe that they are already performing at, or close to their peak who switch to a plant-based diet or start seeing a chiropractor have noticeable in there performance. So either switching to a plant-based diet or seeing a chiropractor will typically make a difference.

A plant-based diet optimizes the body’s ability to pick up and transfer oxygen. When animal products are consumed and their fat is absorbed into the bloodstream, it coats the red blood cells and vascular walls. It also causes rouleaux formation where the red blood cells clump together into stacks. This reduces the exposed surface area of the red blood cells. Resulting in a reduction in the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity. This has an immediate effect on the body’s aerobic function, which lasts for hours. In addition, animal fats are the primary cause of plaque buildup and the resulting clogged arteries. This causes constantly impaired cardiovascular function. This will continue indefinitely unless there is a complete cessation of animal product consumption. Switching to a purely plant-based diet will overtime help eliminate the plaque build-up with noticeable improvements occurring relatively rapidly.

Chiropractic can significantly increase physical performance by improving the function of the body’s joints and nervous system. Properly functioning joints are important for optimal mobility. Additionally, joint restrictions in the thoracic area impede respiration which essentially makes breathing less effective. This reduces the body’s ability to oxygenate the blood and decreases aerobic performance. The nervous system has direct or indirect control over the organs, muscles and even the body’s hormones. Interference with the nervous system negatively affects, among other things, the body’s; motor control, balance, reaction time, strength and coordination. All of which are important for optimal physical performance.